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Updated 09/06/2005.
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Follow the link above to my company page. The rest is personal information intended for friends, family, and fellow explorers.
This site has had only minor updates since 2005. Enjoy the retro style.

My Interests:
Water Rockets
Vintage Computers
Space Exploration
Aviation History
Rock Collecting
My Firebird
Other Interests
Welcome to little bits and pieces of my life. Enjoy!

My Business: Jeff Hove Software Consulting

My wife Luda's real estate site, www.ludasrealestate.com

Featured Sections:

  • Flying fighter jets in Moscow! I got to see the Earth's curvature at over Mach 2.
    (in the pre-putin days when russians were suffering but had hope for freedom)
  • The view out our back window and the creatures we share our yard with.
  • Make learning fun with the "Science and Technology Adventure Club(STAC)".
  • I'm Secretary of the International Experimental Aerospace Association. IEAS's first Convention was this August 13-15, 2004.
  • My research on the History of Rocketry in Minnesota
  • Front-row at Scaled Composites' first civilian manned space flight.  Go Burt Rutan!
  • Projects You Can Build:
  • A real rocket that fits in your pocket: Bic(R) ARCAS.
  • Disposable Camera Coil Gun.
  • Walking PalmPilot robot, QuadraTwist.
  • Laser Projector.
  • My Wish List of hard-to-find items and gift ideas..

    Personal/Local News:

    • Sept 6, 2005  I helped Farnsworth Aerospace Elementary Magnet School "Launch into a  New Year of Learning".
    • April 2004 Congratulations to Minnesota's own Ky Michaelson and the CSXT team for their successful sub-orbital rocket flight into space.
    • 11/09/2003 My television debut on Discovery Channel's "Rocket Challenge" featuring Our Stinkin' Rocket.  Also see the "Minnesota You Betcha's" speed build team at LDRS22 in Argonia, KS.
    • 11/08/2003 Total lunar eclipse.  I got a fairly good photo with my telescope.
    • Balls 2003 Launch
    • Other travels I haven't written up yet (too busy with work): Balls 2002; Oshkosh 2003; LDRS 22; Seattle Air Museum (saw last flight of the original Boeing 707-80, toured a Russian submarine, and saw Mars from top of Space Needle
    • 07/31/2002 Oshkosh Airfest 2002.  See my photos of the XCOR EZ-Rocket plane.
    • 07/17/2002 LDRS 21 launch in Amarillo, TX.
    • 07/09/2002 My BSD Thor Rocket is published in a Extreme Rocketry magazine ad for the CazTek Tower Launcher.
    • 01/27/2002 Find out about the new International Experimental Aerospace Association.
    • 01/14/2002 My first experimental rocket motor fired successfully!
    • 11/10/2001 Thor flew on a J350W motor to 2900 feet and recovered successfully for my Level 2 High Power Certification.
    • 10/23/2001 We're back from Ukraine!
    • 08/11/2001 My Thor rocket flew great on its first flight, earning my Level 1 High Power certification!   It was also the day of my father's BAR ("Born Again Rocketeer") flight.
    • 07/30/2001 Luda qualified for the free car in her cosmetics business and finished the year 4th in her National area of 5000 consultants.!
    • 07/24/2001 The Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships (LDRS XX) launch in Lucerne, CA was great.  See my photos.

    World/National News:
    • 09/01/02 Ky Michaelson and the CSXT team are ready for their next space shot attempt this September.
    • 05/02/01 It was a bad day for the X-43 program.
    • 06/10/01 Former Soviet pilot and MiG-29 defector, Alexander Zuyev, died in the crash of a Yak-52 in Washington.  I had met him at Oshkosh and bought his book "Fulcrum".  A very nice guy.
    Rocketry Model rockets, Large Model Rockets, High Power, and Experimental!  Even MicroMaxx rockets like my Bic(R) ARCAS.
    Water Rockets If you don't think that making a 2 liter pop bottle fly 250' into the air is cool, then I feel sorry for you.
    Robotics This topic also includes micro-controller and electronics projects.  See my PalmPilot robot, QuadraTwist.
    Flying This is my plane.  There are many others like it, but this one is mine.  Sometimes I get to fly other planes, like the MiG-25.  My father is building an RV-7A all-aluminum 2 place plane that will go 200 mph!
    Skydiving I know why the birds sing.
    Scuba  The first time you breathe while underwater is a strange experience.
    Motorcycling The best way to tour the country.  I rode all over the NorthEastern US & Eastern Canada and slayed the "dragon" at Deil's Gap.
    Vintage Computers If you have pre-1985 computer stuff, don't throw it out!  Donate it to my Minnesota Museum of Vintage Computing Devices.
    Philosophy  Metaphysics: Objective Reality,  Epistemology: Reason,  Ethics: Rational Self-Interest,  Politics: Capitalism.
    Space Exploration Some of my first memories are of the Apollo Lunar landings.
    Software/Web My hobby became my profession.
    Books Learn how I locate hard-to-find books.
    Entertainment Perspective: use it or loose it.
    Non-Profits A few non-profit organizations that I support.
    Aviation History For several years I volunteered at the Minnesota Air Guard Museum restoring old jets and raising money at air shows.
    Travel  45 states, 5 Canadian provinces, Mexico, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, Kenya, Russia, Holland, Ukraine
    Rock Collecting Agates and some other stones polish nicely.
    My Firebird My first car.  Still have it.  No, it is not for sale - don't even ask.
    Other Interests Pool, chess, juggling, skiing, darts, knot tying (blindfolded!), hackey-sack, Frisbee,  kites, target shooting & reloading, tennis

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