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There's a huge difference between art, decoration, and  entertainment.  Here I mix them all together.  These are my favorites for recharging the soul; some through exemplification of positive values, some through enlightening sarcasm, and others via relaxing escapism.

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Music: (I don't follow recent music much, but here have been some of my favorites) Rock Concerts Attended: (I used to camp out and buy up whole main-floor rows. At least I was popular for something in High School.)
Fleetwood Mac, ABBA (front row center on their only US tour), Gary Neuman (his final tour), Foreigner, John Denver, Journey, AC/DC, Queen&BillySquire (3rd row), Pat Benetar (4th row), Joan Jett (4th row), ZZ Top(row 10), BlackSabath&BlueOysterCult, Nazareth, Billy Joel,
Cheap Trick(row 10), Stray Cats (horrible), Beach Boys, Roger Waters (of PinkFloyd), Brian May (of Queen), "Lonesome" Dave ??? (of Foghat), Mick Sterling and the Stud Brothers(?), various South American flute groups
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