Jeff Hove Software Consulting

Over 20 years of software development and management experience, 16 years in Progress 4GL RDBMS (now called OpenEdge Advanced Business Language)
Experienced project manager and IS Director. Very interested in project life-cycle planning and management. Wrote own project life-cycle tracking software.

Most professional experience is in designing sytems for health care treatment plan generation and service coordination. Current experience (8yrs) maintaining and expanding a Titan application for  retail point-of-sale, retail sales accounting, and inventory management at a large Telecommunications company.  Involved with interface design, batch operations scheduling and troubleshooting, disaster recovery and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Recently developed SOAP and XML RPC interfaces  and  a Progress-based dynamic web server.

Also very experienced with PC configuration, installation, networking, and repair.  Built first computer, a Heathkit H-8 with 8080 microprocessor at age 13.

My most recent interests are in embedded microcontrollers and robotics.   Still interested in IT department management and project management.


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St. Paul, Minnesota

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