Minnesota Air Guard Museum Directions

Sorry for the blurry map, this is a temporary placeholder until a new one is drawn. Map to Museum
Minnesota Air Guard Museum
P.O. Box 11598
MSP-IAP, MN  55111-0598
Voice       : (612)713-2899 
Fax         : (612)
Military DSN: 825-5609


Our museum is located on the Air Guard base at the North-East corner of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport just west of the Federal Building. Take the cross-town, Hwy 62, to the lights at the intersection with Hwy 55. Turn south onto the narrow road that winds past the MN Army reserve on your right (you may notice an artillary piece on display). The 2nd right turn opportunity is the MN Air National Guard base. Stop at the guard shack and ask to be admitted to see the museum. Take a right at the next stop sign and the museum will be on your left. Please obey all traffic laws on base, and note that the maximum speed limit is 25 mph and seat belts are required. Helmets are required for motorcyle riders and passengers.

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