Jeff's Axlon Pester Cat Deluxe


This is the cutest robot ever!
It is very sophisticated; infrared proximity detectors, light sensor, stereo sound reception for triangulation, motor current sensors, microprocessor for autonomous exploration, remote control by "clapping" signals, or "fly by wire" with remote control "leash".

These were developed by the Axlon company, more commonly known as the makers of Teddy Ruxpin.  The founder, Nolan Bushnell, was the inventor of Atari video game and the Topo robot that was sold for Apple II computers.  Later he founded the pizza chain that has the automated robot band.

There were several other Petsters.  I have:

I'm still looking for: A nice couple in California, Stan and Marianne, purchased the remaining parts for these and still support them.  I can give you their address upon request, so contact me. (Note: In the "contact me" link, make sure there is a tilde character in front of my "jhove" name, not a percent 7 symbol.  You might need to edit the URL in your browser).

Here's the only other Petster web site I know of.  There is a catalog page showing some of the other models.

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