Jeff's RAD 1.0 Robot

This is a great commercially available toy robot.  It has excellent power and traction and can lift objects with it's arms.  RAD bends at the waist so it can pickup items from the ground, speaks, and fires foam missiles!   It is also pretty fast.  There is even a "shift" button on the remote control to change into high gear.
The only problem I have with mine is that the loudspeaker circuit has background noise when it is not receiving a signal so I usually keep the microphone transmit button on.

In this demonstration, I used an X-10 video camera and 2GHz transmitter to allow "remote presence" control of the robot from another room.

This is probably the most robust toy platform to use for hacking.  Here's someone else's project to modify a RAD to be controlled by a PC.

There is a forum dedicated to the RAD robots on the site.

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