V2 Crash

This 1/3rd scale V2 rocket was around 12' tall and 250 lbs (I don't know the exact figures).  It was built by a team calling themselves Penemunde West.

The launch was magnificent but the rocket bound up on the upper rail extension, ripping it off the launch pad and causing the rocket to veer towards the crowd.




For a brief moment, it appeared as though a main chute was going to deploy, but with the rocket still at full power, the bridle was ripped from the airframe.


The rocket continued it's arc over the flightline and disappeared behind the vendor tents.  We were very concerned at this point because nobody was really sure how far back the campers and cars were parked by this time of day.


Fortunately, the missile over-flew the parking/camping areas and landed just on the west side of the entrance road.

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