Oshkosh Airfest 2002

XCOR EZ-Rocket
A Rutan Long-EZ powered by two 400lb liquid fuel rocket motors running on liquid oxygen and alcohol.

Test Pilot Dick Rutan signs an in flight photograph of the EZ-Rocket.

Right (starboard) side view.  Note how very small the combustion chambers are (silver cylinder by spectator's right shirt sleeve).
The large cylinder slung under the belly of the plane is the liquid oxygen tank.  The tank in the rear passenger seat is for the Alcohol fuel.
Not shown are the spherical Helium pressurization tanks located in the chines alongside the engine compartment.
XCOR Chief Engineer Dan DeLong is in the dark jacket.


Rear view.  Kevlar shroud has been removed from the upper motor.


Top view from left (port) side.

Top view further forward showing pressure regulators.

Lower Right side.  The red box in upper right is the MSD Kicker electronic ignition for the ignitor spark plug.  The unit is mounted upside-down.

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