Jeff's Russian Adventure

L-39 Albatros Image

In August and September of 1995, I had the opportunity to tour Russian aviation sites in St. Petersburg and Moscow. This was through a tour organized by East-West Travel and sponsored by the San Diego Aerospace Museum.

I extended my tour to take advantage of the incredible adventure offered by MiGs Etc. They arranged a week of unbelievable flying in both an L-39 jet trainer and a MiG-25 supersonic interceptor.

 Some highlights of the trip:

To help me prepare for the flying on this trip, I turned to the great guys of the Flemming Tigers Fighter Squadron in South St. Paul, Minnesota. They teach high performance flying and aerobatics in the SF-260 trainer aircraft. They are a part of Fighter Pilots USA that organizes aerial combat training and experiences for civilians, pilot or non-pilot. This aerobatic experience was the perfect warm up for flying jets. By learning to pull 5 G's (five times the force of gravity) in the SF-260 without an anti-G suit, I was able to handle 7 G's in the L-39 with a suit.

Other pilot's impressions of the MiG-25:

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