Jeff's Paraski Page

In the winter we still do some skydiving, but usually not long freefalls since our hands get too cold.  One way to enjoy the sport during the winter months is through Paraski competitons.  These are biathalon events that combine scores from separate down-hill slalom skiing and parachute landing accuracy events.  In a true Paraski event, the landings should be on the sides of a slope but at this location we were forced to land out on the flats.  One of my favorite parts of Paraski is that we generally use helicopters for our jump ships:  Bell 43, Bell 206, Hughes 500C & D.  My first 12 helicopter rides were one-way tickets!
(photo by John Goswitz)

I scored two direct center's on 2/8/87 Hi Sky Paraski and went on to win the accuracy event but didn't do as well at the slalom and placed 3rd overall.

Later, Quazi and I toured the western states and competed in the Park West UT and Jackson Hole WY (the US Nationals team tryouts) events.  We weren't used to flying our chutes in the mountain updrafts and didn't do very well but had a great time.

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