The Science and Technology Adventure Club(STAC)
(updated 09/28/04 10:00am cdt)

STAC is a small group in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area who believe that learning should be an adventure and are interested in applying scientific and technological principles to build fun projects and to learn through hands-on experience.  We are open to individuals of all ages who share our interests and are able to work cooperatively.

So far we have been focusing on rockets: both small model rockets, water rockets, and the ground support equipment and procedures for launching these.  As we get better organized we will expand into other areas such as robotics.  See our project ideas list below and feel free to propose new projects or adventures.

We try to maintain a broad range of topics and cooperate with other local clubs that specialize in particular subjects.

I've been overwhelmed with rocket activities this year, so STAC is temporarily on hold unless someone else would like to step up to plan some events.


Specific Event Schedule:  (May need to check the weather first.  Intellicast has wind forcasts also.  NOAA has a nice site.) General Schedule: (Please call to confirm attendance) Events of other groups we associate with: Project Ideas:
Our most urgent projects have been related to preparing for model rocket and water rocket launches.
Other major projects will be the construction of a human-sized pneumatic robot and a very large water rocket.
Here is our list of pending projects.
Past Meetings/Events: Other Links:

Here are some links to the type of cool stuff I envision STAC (Science & Technology Adventure Club) doing:

Here are some links I was looking at last year when I built my electromagnetic BB pistol: Other Science/Tech Links:

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