Event 11/10/01: Rocket Launch: Tripoli: North Branch

I'd been looking forward to this day for awhile since this would be my NAR Level 2 High Power Certification attempt.  The launch almost didn't happen since Mike Vande Kamp wasn't able to organize it this time.   A big thankyou to Dan Gates for stepping up and running the whole launch.

The weather was beautiful, continuing our strangely warm early November.  The wind picked up a bit but was never more than a minor nuissance.

My first goal was to test my new MissileWorks RRC2, so I flew that in the Archer.  Then came the main event ...

My Flight Results:
(Follow the links under the Rocket name column to see photos of those flights.)
Owner Rocket Motor Notes Est. Alt Results
Jeff Completely Cardboard Estes D12-3  16" estes parachute. 500 First launch of the day.  Perfect.  This zero-cost gift-wrap tube rocket continues to amaze.
Jeff NCR Archer Aerotech H180W-S RMS Dual Stage deployment Test of MissileWorks RRC2 altimeter for main deployment at 300' and motor for drogue deployment at apogee.  The drogue is actually it's normal 56" chute.
1264 Excellent liftoff.  Very stable.  Good ejection of drouge but a bit late.   Main fired one second later.  Found out later that I'd rigged the main's ejection charge to channel 1 instead of ch 2. Duh!
Jeff BSD Thor Aerotech J350W-M RMS MissileWorks RRC2 altimeter controlling dual stage deployment.  Drogue chute was its normal Rocketman R7 but reefed closed to form a "balun".  Main chute is 6' military surplus.  Also carried Glen's radio beacon. 2900 Awesome!  Perfect launch & deployments.  No damage.  Successful L2.

Other interesting flights were:

See the photos of this launch on the Minnesota Rocketry Network. (probably won't be up for a while)

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