Jeff's Skydiving Page

I started skydiving in May 1984 through the University of Minnesota Sport Parachute Club.  Because they offered the ground-school portion of the training on a weekday evening, I was able to complete my practical training early the next Saturday morning and quickly make my first static-line jump on a T-10 35' military round parachute.  It was so much fun that  I signed up for two more jumps that same day!  I camped out to try to make more the next day, but due to rain had to wait for the next weekend to make two more static-lines and then my first free-fall.  I was hooked.

Later, I moved up to the maneuverable ParaCommander and Papillon round chutes.

By Christmas break I had made about 90 jumps and went with the UofMN team to Tuscon, AZ to compete in the National Collegiate Parachuting Championships.

Skydiving was my life for about six years.  I made over 700 jumps before my other interests started taking up too much time for me to remain at the level of proficiency I demanded of myself.  During that time I had wonderful adventures and incredible friendships.

There were a few moments of excitement too (even above and beyond the normal max-adrenalin), but these are best discussed over beer:  "No sh*t, there I was ... thought I was gonna die ... 1000 feet with nothing but a silk worm and a pair of knitting needles ...".

There are lots of photos, here are some better ones:

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